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  • iverbz:


    an ideal date would be eating takeout dinner in our pjs while watching Netflix and you play with my hair

    yall literally have the lowest standards in the history of the universe and there are animals that accept urine as a mating gift

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  • wollowock:


    the thing is though everytime a girl compliments me on a dress/skirt with pockets and I declare THANKS IT HAS POCKETS her response completely changes from “oh that’s nice” to “FUCK ME BACKWARDS ARE YOU FOR REAL SHOW ME SHOW ME THE POCKETS”

    The one phrase that makes most girls lose their shit, it has pockets.

    The struggle is real.

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  • hvrted:

    I wish I had google as a brain

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  • everets:

    an hour is only 600 vines long

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  • johnbarrrowman:

    congratulations to wikipedia for choosing the worst photos of every actor for the sidebar picture.

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  • nishlo:

    I’m high as shit and just debated in my argument class on why weed should be illegal and I won

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